Gas Safety Certificates

Price £70.00

If you have working gas appliances in the property, providing your tenants with a Gas Safety Certificate is a legal requirement. The certificate needs to be renewed each year with an annual inspection.

If you do not have a valid GSC (Gas Safety Certificate), then iPropertyuk can help you in obtaining one.

It is a very simple process, just contact us and we will get a Registered Gas Safety Engineer out to your property as soon as possible!

Please note that unlike Energy Performance Certificates, Gas Safety Certificates are not stored online. The paper copy that the previous inspector provided is THE ONLY COPY.

The price may change depending on how many Gas appliances you have in the property. If you have a gas cooker and a gas boiler, it will be £70.00

A bit of advice, please do not DIY with Gas. Pick up a copy of any property magazine and you will most definitely read that a landlord has been sued for thousands because of carbon monoxide poisoning, or unsafe installations. It just is not worth the risk, for yourself and your tenants. Call us to discuss your situation if you are unsure about any of the processes.